Architect Bohumil /Ben/ Teply (Ing.arch.) was born in Havlickuv Brod in the Czech Republic on July 26, 1950. As a child he was already focusing his afforts on drawing and painting. He continued to develop these skills by attending a number of art courses over a period of several years, prior to attending university. He was accepted to the Czech Technical University, Faculty of Architecture, in 1968, from which he graduated with a Masters Degree. After finishing his studies he worked on a variety of architectural projects ranging from building design to urban complexes. He was also actively participating in many architectural competitions and engaging in a variety of different projects. This contributed to advancing his skills through progresive self-development and architectural practise on many levels. Being a recognized authority in his field, Teply was invited to join The Czech Society for Quality, where he continually enforced building industry quality standards in relation to international trends; and became a co-author of the evaluation criteria for granting the Czech Made award. In 1996 Teply was elected as The President of the Architecture & Urban Commission for the Chvalsky Chateau competion in Prague. 

Supported by a firm foundation of acquired practical and theoretical skills, Teply founded Teply Design in 1990. Today he continues creating work of the highest international standards based on his philosophy of uncompromising dedication to gaining a deeper understanding of his profession, resulting in a high level of excellence. The ancient Chinese philosophy of Feng shui is one of the inspirations for his work.

In practice, he uses the positive functionalities of shape and color to up-lift the human spirit. He is also interested in the harmonious relation between historic and modern buildings and cultural heritage sites and uses current technology to maintain and restore them for future generations.


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