Nüsing, Ústí nad Labem 

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Nüsing, Ústí nad Labem

The design and project documentation of the new plant, i.e. the area/premises and buildings for the German company Nüsing - producer of dividing partitions and acoustic walls. The cubic spaces of the one-floor production hall and the two-floor social and administration building are connected to each other ( in line of 18m length). The longitudinal axis of these buildings is orientated south to north along the Spojovaci street in the industrial zone/strip of Predlice. The layout dimention of the hall is 18x30m (5x6m) and the building is 5,35m at its tallest point. The smaller administration and social building is 9m long and its hight is 7,6m. Together they take up 18x39m, and in future they could be extended up to 105m of length. Both buildings have an area of metal cladding and the thermal insulation with a mildly profiled surface. The color of facades is silver - in combination with the Nüsing firm's blue. Some windows have metal horizontal sunshades, and above the gates there are horizontal shieldings.
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